Shipping Above and Beyond

Mortuary shipping takes time away from THE families that depend on you.

NMS gives the time back with complete out-of-town mortuary solutions.

Mortuary shipping can be complicated.  

You’ve got enough on your plate to assist your clients without having to arrange to have remains sent back to your facility. You need someone who has experience setting up and executing tough arrangements so you can assure the families who need you that they are your number one priority. Mishandling the shipping of remains can not only mean botched funeral arrangements, but it can also mean more money for a family that is already feeling the burden of paying for final expenses.

Whether shipping a body across the country, or across the world, National Mortuary Shipping & Cremation can handle it all.

But it’s not just the shipping. We can handle out-of-town cremation, livery service and even graveside arrangements. Let NMS take care of the details, so you can take care of the families.


Let NMS Handle Your Shipping Needs