Shipping Above and Beyond

Comprehensive Mortuary Shipping Services

We're more than logistics experts.

I just want to thank you...I am an NMS and only an NMS supporter.

Funeral directors can trust NMS to be there when and where you need us as a go-to for seamless domestic and international mortuary shipping. We have a worldwide network of representatives that handle every detail of the complex planning so you can focus on families. NMS specialists assist you around the clock and will be your partner when you have an out-of-town death. Every call and email is personal to our knowledgeable and dedicated specialists. We are an extension of your team.

We’re more than logistics experts. Our services expand beyond shipping human remains. NMS gives funeral directors flexibility to better serve families by providing out-of-town cremation and other offerings, from removal and embalming to graveside services. We are there when and where you need us.