Cremation with NMS

Where Does Your Out-of-Town Cremation Service Begin?

At NMS it starts with a team of experts who help make it simple for you.

When you have a family depending on you to take care of all aspects of a funeral, you don’t have time to waste while making arrangements in another city. Out-of-town cremation arrangements can be time-consuming and confusing. Time is money, and the more time you spend jumping through hoops to make arrangements, your process becomes less efficient and therefore less economical for the families you serve.

NMS has over 35 years of experience making arrangements for complicated out-of-town cremation scenarios. Our team makes the paperwork process simple, and helps an out-of-town cremation be as easy to handle as one blocks away from your funeral home. Not only that, but NMS handles shipping arrangements both domestically and internationally, so no matter where the remains are, we will return them to you safely and efficiently.

Stop dealing with the stress of out-of-town cremations and let the experts at NMS simplify the process.