Crossing Borders with Care

International Mortuary Shipping Specialists

Handling Every Detail

We cannot thank you and your team enough for for the incredible effort to bring back the remains of our beloved back to Indonesia speedily and in very good condition.

NMS is an extension of your team when you are arranging for an out-of-town death. Our responsive, compassionate shipping specialists take the stress out of logistics so you can focus on families’ needs. With 35-plus years of experience managing domestic and international mortuary shipping, you can count on NMS to tend to every detail. We work closely with you when making flight arrangements and by utilizing our technology we choose the most direct, efficient flight possible. Rest assured, NMS will handle your case from start to finish.

The intricacies of international mortuary shipping demand an understanding of regulations, which vary widely from country to country and often change without notice. There is often a language barrier when making overseas mortuary shipping arrangements. NMS can provide translation services, and we work with consulates to meet all rules for shipping human remains.

  • The NMS worldwide network of representatives is an extension of your funeral home. We are here for you around the clock to care for your international mortuary needs.
  • NMS can provide translation services to meet consulates’ requirements.
  • Our shipping specialists understand the complexities of international paperwork and are able to assist in the completion and acquisition of all necessary documents.