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We Simplify Domestic Mortuary Shipping 

Making Across the Country Feel Like It Is Across the Street

As a funeral director, you know that arrangements can be complicated.

This is true, even when the decedent is blocks away at a local hospital. But when the body is in another city or another state, making arrangements to return the body home for a funeral can be a tall task. National Mortuary Shipping & Cremation simplifies the shipping process so that you can focus on getting everything else ready for the funeral. NMS looks for the most efficient arrangements to help you keep the cost of domestic body shipping low while helping you provide the best funeral planning services possible for the families you serve.

With our around the clock first call service and experienced and attentive staff ready to serve, you never have to feel like you are on your own when it comes to domestic mortuary shipping.

Contact NMS today to find out how we can help simplify your domestic body shipping process.