Press Release: National Mortuary Shipping and Cremation and Sepio Guard Partner to Provide a Superior Travel Plan Product

October 1, 2019

Cleveland, Ohio, October 1, 2019: National Mortuary Shipping and Cremation, the Funeral Director's trusted source for out-of-town deaths, and Sepio Guard, an away-from-home assurance provider, have developed a relationship that will allow them to offer a travel plan product to funeral homes. Diane Smith, CEO of NMS stated, “We are very excited about this relationship and product. The relationship between NMS and Sepio Guard is a natural fit. NMS has been helping hometown funeral directors with out-of-town deaths for over 35 years and this is our core mission.” Sepio Guard focuses on the travel plan product and has the experience in selling products like this to funeral homes. Smith states, “We have been approached many times by other companies to assist with a travel plan program, but Sepio is the first company that matched our core values and has the same commitment to customer service that NMS has been known for. By working together, we can each focus on what we do best and together offer funeral directors and their families a product that exceeds industry expectations."

For more information or to receive your free family brochures, please call NMS at 888-221-0578 or email your request to or Sepio Guard at 877-625-2726 or visit their website