Communicating With Families About International Mortuary Shipping

August 25, 2022

How NMS Helps You Manage a Complicated and Sensitive Process

Each time a family calls your funeral home, you never know what type of complex situation may land on your doorstep—and among the most complicated are situations that require international mortuary shipping. This area of mortuary services, which has always been more involved, has become even more complicated during the era of COVID–19. If you have a grieving family at your funeral home’s door, desperate to return a loved one home from abroad, you may not know where to begin. We suggest starting by calling on an international shipping specialist at National Mortuary Shipping. Here’s why:


We can help answer family members’ questions.

If you have limited experience coordinating international mortuary shipping, you will struggle to keep pace with the questions from family members:

  • Where do we start?
  • How do we reach a U.S. consular official?
  • Does the deceased need an autopsy before they can return to the United States?
  • What official documents are needed, and how do we obtain them?
  • Does the deceased need to be embalmed or cremated?
  • What happens if the deceased died of COVID–19 or another quarantinable disease?
  • How long will the process take?

Our specialists can help you walk families step by step through the complicated process, offering reassurance and clarity on sensitive and difficult questions.


We can help you serve families with confidence.

Our international shipping specialists have decades of experience. What might be confusing and overwhelming to your funeral home is just another normal day for us. We’re used to navigating the ins and outs of working with officials in countries across the globe on everything from securing proper documentation to making flight arrangements. Let us take the lead on the international shipping process. We will keep you informed, and you can in turn serve the deceased’s family members with confidence.


We can handle any issues that may arise.

In this field, you never know what types of problems can arise during the process. Fortunately, our team is equipped to handle a variety of issues, including:
Understanding each country’s unique shipping requirements
Securing the needed paperwork and documentation
Pushing the process forward despite any “red tape” or delays
Providing translation services
Being sensitive to different religions and cultures in other parts of the world
Navigating communication despite significant time zone differences

The international shipping specialists at NMS are available 24/7 to help you through every part of the process. We know how important it is to your funeral home to convey accurate information to families and assure them that you will safely bring their deceased loved one home. We are your partner and ready to help you make the process as seamless as possible.

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