Work-Life Balance for Funeral Home Employees

August 20, 2020

Managing Stress During These Challenging Times

Maintaining a positive work-life balance can be a challenge for funeral home employees at any time, let alone during a pandemic. This is our “new normal,” but it will not feel very normal for some time. Hours are long and stress levels are running high. To survive this time physically, emotionally, and mentally, we must manage our stress and change the way we approach our work-life balance.

As tensions rise at work due to changing restrictions and policies, the way we interact with our loved ones at home can be impacted. Though it is not their fault, our families can sometimes bear the brunt of our work stress. The new normal in the funeral industry is eating into our personal time—limiting the time we have to spend with our families, maintain our daily responsibilities outside of work, and just relax and unwind. While there are many things you cannot change, there are actions you can take to help restore a positive work-life balance. 

Remember Your “Why”

You pursued a career in the funeral industry because you have seen the meaningful impact you can have on families. Now they need you more than ever. Remember that the families you serve are adjusting to the new normal as well. Restrictions and limitations due to COVID-19 are causing them stress and anxiety. They need you to be at your best in order to serve their needs.

Your other “why” is your family and friends. They need you too. That same positive impact you have on the families you serve at work is also felt by your loved ones and friends. Keep them in mind as you look for ways to navigate this new work-life balance.

Delegate to Others

If your funeral home is operating with a reduced staff, your hours may be skyrocketing. Remember that you do not have to do it all. Your staff is there to help, so use them effectively to make sure you are getting the time away from work you need and deserve. Your loved ones at home need time with you, too. 

Talk to Your Loved Ones About Work

Too often we try to compartmentalize our work life and our home life. That can prove to be unhealthy. Your spouse, family members, and friends are there to help you. You do not want to spend every spare moment you have with them talking about work stress, but if you have a hard day and need to vent, they will listen. Use your family and friends when you need a shoulder to lean on and return the favor when they need you back.

Prioritize Your Personal Life as You Do Your Work Life

You likely stick to a set schedule at work, prioritizing a hierarchy of to-dos that you need to get done. Why would that be any different at home? Actively schedule time for the things that are most important to you—spending time with family, going for a run, doing yoga, cooking a new recipe, calling a friend, or just enjoying some downtime to relax. If these things are not prioritized, they may be forgotten—and that does not contribute to a healthy work-life balance.

Remember You

As a leader, it is common to put the needs of others first. At work, you take care of the families that rely on you, your employees, and even your service providers. But at some point, you need to carve out time for yourself. If you do not find ways to relax and decompress, you will not have the energy that you need to continue to serve as a leader.

NMS wants to help. One of the stressors that is affecting funeral home employees currently is the logistics of shipping remains and funeral planning during COVID-19. The changing regulations and requirements further complicate a complex process. Our team of mortuary service professionals is up to date on all changes. In addition to domestic and international shipping, we can help with graveside services, out-of-town cremations, and more.

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