Celebrating Our 40th Anniversary

September 28, 2021

Expressing Our Gratitude

40 Years of Caring, Serving, and Earning Your Trust


NMS could not have reached our 40th anniversary without the support and trust of our agents, representatives, and community. We are so grateful for the opportunity to serve in the funeral industry and will continue to work to earn your trust for years to come.

As we commemorate this special occasion, we invite you to watch the video above.


NMS Carries On a Tradition of Excellence 

Forty years ago, Bob Smith started National Mortuary Shipping in his basement. In 1987, Bob moved the business to its current building in Cleveland and began to grow his team. Among his early hires were Susan Green, now one of the team’s most experienced shipping coordinators, and Angie Berwald, current president and CEO, who joined NMS when she was 18.

Bob was celebrated as a boss and a friend, known as someone who believed strongly that there was a right and a wrong way to do something. He was committed to showing his team the right way, even when it came to something like using the office copy machine. He believed in his employees, giving them opportunities to grow their skills and supporting them however he could.

Kahlen Knapik, now Vice President, was hired at 22 to wash cars and make deliveries. When Bob asked him if he wanted to learn the crematory business, he agreed. With Bob’s encouragement, Kahlen would go on to learn and work at the crematory for many years, becoming a licensed funeral director and embalmer.

The stories of Bob’s mentorship, support, and leadership are endless. When he died, his wife, Diane, was committed to carrying on the company in his memory and continuing his legacy. She did so for many years before transferring ownership of NMS to Angie Berwald in October 2020.

Through the years, the team at NMS has remained a close-knit family— a group of people who support one another and work together to serve others in their time of need.


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