Local Marketing for Funeral Homes

May 30, 2023

Find New Ways to Engage With Your Community

Marketing your funeral home successfully in 2023 is different from what you may have done in the past. For one, the industry is changing. The volume of burials held annually is generally declining as most Americans are choosing to be cremated: By 2035, nearly 80 percent of Americans are expected to choose cremation. Beyond that, the industry was disrupted by COVID-19, forcing many funeral directors to be more innovative in meeting their clients’ needs. The energy and time devoted to keeping up with those constant changes may have, understandably, taken important time away from your marketing efforts over the last several years.

While nurturing and retaining your current funeral home clients is important, you must focus some time on marketing to new clients. National Mortuary Shipping & Cremation partners with funeral homes like yours across the country, making us privy to some local marketing trends and ways to engage with your community. We would like to share some local marketing ideas with you in hopes that it is helpful for your funeral home business.

Showcase Your Employees.

In many towns, the local funeral home is a pillar in the community. Even if some residents have never utilized your services, those residents likely recognize your funeral home’s name and your building. Many have even been inside to attend a service for a friend or loved one. However, does the local community really know you and those who work with you? 

Introducing prospective families to you and your employees is so important. It helps them realize you are more than a brick and mortar funeral home—you are real people who live, work, enjoy recreational activities, and volunteer in the same local community. Consider introducing your employees to the community as part of your local marketing:

  • Highlight different employees with photos and short bios on social media. Consider investing in some paid social advertising to promote these posts to a wider audience.

  • Film brief video interviews or Q&As with you and your employees. These do not need to be serious in tone; they can be conversational and lighthearted. You can use them on your social media channels or post them to your website.

Emotionally Connect With Prospective Families.

Yes, you sell a service, but you also provide genuine compassion and support. Is your current marketing connecting with families emotionally? In all of your marketing, whether direct mail or online, try to communicate the caring experiences you provide to families at some of the hardest times in their lives.


Tell Your Story.

Every funeral home has a unique story to tell. Have you told yours? Write about how your business began and why it is important to you that it continues to serve the community. Make sure that anyone visiting your website can easily find and read your story. Consider that many local community publications, as well as local libraries, are always looking for a unique hometown story to share, particularly if your business has deep roots and a rich history in the community.


Look for Ways to Amplify Your Voice in the Community.

Annual events like parades or festivals can be a great opportunity for sponsorships and participation. Smaller-scale local events like business networking lunches or educational programs can also be ideal. Take the opportunity to renew your community engagement. Whether you attend a chamber of commerce event, sponsor a 5K run, or represent your funeral home on a panel of local business leaders, find ways to promote your brand and your funeral home.


Differentiate Your Services.

When a family is looking for a funeral home, they likely have more than one local option. If they have not been referred to your business, what will compel them to call you instead of your competitor? Consider the following questions:

  • How is your funeral home different from others? 

  • Why should a family choose to work with you? 

  • How have you modernized your services in light of rising cremation trends?

  • How have you adapted and innovated in the face of COVID-19 restrictions?

Make sure that if a prospective family member is looking at your website or your social media, they can easily find the answers to these questions. Your marketing should differentiate your services and set you apart from your competitors.

We hope these strategies provide some new local marketing ideas for your funeral home. If our team can assist you with domestic shipping, international shipping, out-of-town cremations, or any other mortuary service, please contact our team. We have representatives available to speak to you 24/7.

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