Simplifying Domestic Mortuary Shipping

December 28, 2022
NMS-SimplifyingShipping-Blog-Jan23.jpg How We Manage a Complicated Process
We often talk about the complexities of international mortuary shipping: navigating things like consulates and embassies, securing documentation, and understanding the language and cultural barriers. But the truth is, it can be just as complicated to arrange the transport of the deceased in the United States. Many challenges can arise in domestic mortuary shipping—and it helps to have the professionals at National Mortuary Shipping on your side and ready to assist 24/7.

You need to arrange professional removal services. When the deceased dies away from home, the first step is to have them transported to a local funeral home. It can be difficult to trust an unfamiliar company with such a delicate task. We have a network of dignified removal services across the country that will represent your funeral home in a professional manner with the highest level of quality.

You must partner with a funeral home in a potentially unfamiliar city. In addition, the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires that all funeral homes that ship human remains domestically and internationally must be “Known Shippers.” This means that they have logistics training, significant experience, and the ability to handle stressful, challenging situations. NMS has identified qualified funeral homes across the United States that have this designation, giving you—and the family you are serving—peace of mind in the shipping process.

You need to be mindful of the family’s budget. How can you arrange safe, quick transport for the deceased while also keeping the costs low? Our domestic shipping specialists are the experts at domestic flight management. They have contacts at all major airlines and understand the nuances of mortuary shipping across the country. They will draw on their experience and resources to ensure the family’s loved one returns home in time for the funeral.

You need to be prepared for unusual circumstances. For example, what happens if the body exceeds the airline weight limit? What if there are cultural or religious considerations that impact how the deceased is prepared for transportation? NMS is prepared to handle a wide range of challenges—including cultural, religious, legal, and financial factors—that may arise in the domestic mortuary shipping process. We understand the local, state, and federal regulations and can make the process as smooth as possible for your funeral home and the family you are serving.

The next time you are faced with a domestic shipping challenge, please reach out to our team.
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