Helping Families Arrange Graveside Services

June 22, 2023

Ensure the Most Meaningful and Distinguished Farewell

When you are working with a family who has lost a loved one, there are so many things to consider: Usually, the family’s energy and concerns are first directed to making arrangements for the funeral or memorial service. However, it is important not to overlook the significance of arranging graveside services.

Graveside services are often the final goodbye for family members and loved ones before the deceased is interred. Depending on the deceased’s final resting place, this might take place under a tent in the lawn of a cemetery or in a crypt. This service might follow a full funeral or it may stand alone. The graveside service is typically shorter and more limited in attendees, usually with only close friends or family members participating. However, it can often be even more emotional and significant for those closest to the individual who has died.

This is often the moment when family members realize they must prepare to leave their loved one, and the reality that the funeral services—which have consumed much of their energy and thoughts over the past several days—are done can feel heavy and overwhelming. They will need support at this moment more than ever.

All of this points to the need to provide the highest quality, professional graveside services. You don’t want anything to distract the family in these precious moments—every element and detail should feel effortless, distinguished, and respectful. From the transportation that is provided for the family to and from the burial site to the coordination of the graveside service, whether that involves a clergy member, funeral director, or family member, every detail should be well planned and accounted for in advance. 

National Mortuary Shipping can handle every detail of the graveside service, no matter where the services need to be arranged. Perhaps a local family wants to inter their loved one in his or her hometown, but you are unfamiliar with the area. Our specialists can help your funeral home make the arrangements with trusted and vetted mortuary service providers in that location. With our assistance, you can rest assured that every aspect of the graveside service will be handled with a great deal of care and respect.

Let us help you provide distinctive and meaningful graveside services to the families you serve.

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