NMS Is Your Domestic Mortuary Shipping Partner

February 8, 2022

How We Simplify a Complicated Process

In the funeral industry, there’s really no such thing as an easy task: You’re working with grieving families struggling through some of their worst moments. When you’re called to serve these families, you put so much energy into helping them through the funeral planning process. However, when helping a family involves making domestic mortuary shipping arrangements, the situation immediately becomes more complicated. You are working with multiple entities in different locations, making sure you are following the proper procedures and rules, and trying to communicate the actions you’re taking with the deceased’s family. An already stressful situation becomes elevated. Fortunately, NMS exists to help.

Consider this: Your funeral home gets a call from a local Cleveland family. Their loved one died in their sleep in a hotel room while in California on a business trip. The family asks your funeral home to help them take the necessary steps to bring their loved one home. You know that making arrangements to ship the remains could be complex. You’ll need to coordinate air transport as well as navigate a three-hour time difference with others involved. But you have a choice: Instead of struggling through the process while balancing all of your other responsibilities, you can call on NMS. We are mortuary shipping experts and are well prepared to help you return a loved one to their family, day or night.

These are just a few ways that we can assist your funeral home:

  • Preparing the Remains to Return Home
    When an individual dies away from home, there are certain steps that must be taken to prepare the deceased to return home. This usually involves the logistics of working with another funeral home in that location to collect and prepare the deceased for transport back home. A death certificate may need to be signed and filed. NMS is very familiar with these rules and can help communicate this information to you so you can convey it to the family.

  • Arranging Ground and Air Transportation
    Depending on how far away the loved one died from home, ground or air transportation will be required to return the remains to the family. Shipping human remains by air is a highly regulated process and must be arranged by a known mortuary shipping company like National Mortuary Shipping. Our team will ensure that all the necessary legal paperwork and forms are completed and acquired to move the deceased across state lines.

  • Ensuring a Seamless Domestic Shipping Experience
    NMS is positioned to serve as a liaison between all parties involved: you and your funeral home, the partnering funeral home, the airline, and local authorities. This service can be invaluable for your funeral home and help you provide updates to the family at each step of the process.

The next time your funeral home is faced with a complex out-of-town death and the need to ship remains from a location across the country, please remember that NMS is here and ready to assist. You can use our First Call app or call us to quickly and easily contact our team with a request at any time.  

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