Making Mortuary Shipping Easier

September 19, 2023

Let Our Team Handle the Complicated Logistics

When you are a funeral director, you have many important responsibilities on any given day. You are meeting with families at different stages in the funeral planning process. You are facilitating graveside arrangements and cremation services, and likely fielding questions from multiple families. You are also managing a business and a staff, and maintaining a physical building. 

You are, quite simply, busy, which is to be expected. But when you add in the challenges and complexities of mortuary shipping, you can quickly find yourself stretched too thin.

Making mortuary shipping arrangements, either domestically or internationally, can be a cumbersome task. When you are shipping human remains across any distance, there are logistical challenges that can arise—coordinating with airlines, handling necessary permits and paperwork, dealing with delays and cancellations, and so on. There are also various regulations and requirements for mortuary shipping in different countries and states. 

These intricacies can be extremely time-consuming for funeral homes—and non-compliance can result in delays or even legal issues. The stakes are already high, and there is always the risk of mishandling or errors during the shipping process. If something were to go wrong, it could be very distressing for the family and damaging to your funeral home’s reputation.

There is a solution: Work with a professional mortuary shipping company like NMS. Why?

Mortuary shipping is our area of expertise.
We know the requirements—from paperwork and permits to packaging and working with different airlines—and can ensure the process is streamlined.

Our mortuary shipping experts understand compliance.
We are well-versed in the regulations that govern cross-border transportation of human remains, and we can help your funeral home ensure the necessary documentation is in order.

We have a large domestic and international network.
Our established relationships with airlines, customs officials, and transportation providers around the globe helps us coordinate these arrangements with minimal delays and cancellations.

We ensure the utmost care and dignity.
Because we follow strict protocols, we greatly reduce the risk of mishandling or errors during the shipping process that could cause distress to a family or a legal issue for your funeral home.

We let you focus on the families’ needs.
When you outsource your mortuary shipping to NMS, you can focus your time and resources on providing emotional support to grieving families. Let us handle the details—you can make sure your families’ greatest needs are met during a difficult time.

Let us offer our expertise, knowledge, and support to your funeral home. Talk to us about our domestic and international mortuary shipping services.

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