Adding Value to Your Funeral Home

February 2, 2021

Ways to Better Serve Your Families and Set Your Business Apart

Your funeral home is many things: It is a place for grieving family members and friends to gather and remember a loved one. It is a resource for the community. It is a workplace environment for your employees. And it is your business. Just like any business, in order for it to succeed and thrive, you must continue to find ways to add value for those you serve. 

When you enhance your services, you also set your business apart from the competition. These days, that competition is not limited to your colleagues in the funeral industry. As individuals’ preferences are shifting toward cremation and lower cost burials, funeral homes like yours are also competing with e-commerce. In the face of this competition, how can your funeral home add value to attract new clientele and differentiate your brand?

Know what you do differently—and convey that to prospective families.

It might help to consider these questions: What makes your funeral home different from others down the road? How are you unique? What special skills or creative passions do your team members possess that could benefit your clients? Thinking outside of the box to innovate and expand your services is a key part of your funeral home’s marketing.

Meet the individuals you serve where they are. 

Some families will be looking for a very traditional service and burial. Others may take a different approach and come to you requesting a highly personalized memorial or a biodegradable urn. No matter their preferences, try to meet families where they are. Let them know that you value their wishes and will do your best to accommodate their preferences as they memorialize their loved one. If you are willing to go above and beyond and adapt to meet a family’s needs, they will surely communicate that to their own friends, neighbors, and other family members.

Find ways to help families with complex challenges.

As you know, there are many complicated scenarios that can arise for families. Perhaps a loved one passed away while out of town, and the family is struggling to return the decedent home for the service and burial. Perhaps the family member coordinating a funeral for a loved one lives thousands of miles across the country. With the help of National Mortuary Shipping, your funeral home can aid in these complicated scenarios and bring resolution to the families you serve. We have experienced specialists who can work with your funeral home to handle out-of-town cremations, domestic and international shipping, flight arrangements, and other issues. 

Extend your relationship with clients beyond the service.

Many families do not realize that a funeral home can provide guidance and support long after the service has taken place, including hosting neighborhood memorials and connecting families with grief support services. These funeral aftercare services add significant value and can help you foster long-term relationships with families in your community.

How will your funeral home add value?
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