Choosing a Livery Service

March 22, 2023

Why Professional Mortuary Transportation Matters

When an individual dies, there are immediate concerns that catch many family members by surprise: For example, the realization that their loved one must be removed and transported to your funeral home can be emotionally overwhelming and difficult.

Throughout the funeral planning process, questions about mortuary transportation will continue: How will family members arrive at the funeral home for the service? Who will transport the deceased to the cemetery? How will immediate family be transported to and from the cemetery?

Your funeral home has an opportunity to ease their concerns and make the entire experience less stressful by providing the highest quality livery services available. The term livery service can seem antiquated, deriving from a French word that means “to dispense or hand over,” but the term holds strong meaning for those of us in this industry. We understand that mortuary livery services reflect on your funeral home—and it is critical that the families you serve have a positive experience. If you choose an unsatisfactory livery services provider, you will have a very hard time making it right with the family later on.

National Mortuary Shipping has an international network of professional removal experts and livery specialists: We can offer transportation solutions across the country and the globe. What is most important is that the livery service providers in our network are among the most professional and dignified in the business.

When you work with NMS to arrange livery services, you will receive:

  • The highest level of professionalism
  • Dignified transportation for the deceased
  • Respectful, discreet, and caring drivers

Let us know how we can help you provide mortuary transportation to the families you serve.

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