Coordinating Out-of-Town Mortuary Services

May 1, 2023

When Death Occurs Away From Home

It is a scenario that no family wants to face: a loved one dies away from home. When this does happen, the family will usually call their trusted hometown funeral director for assistance. You will need to strike a delicate balance, making arrangements in another city while working with family members close to home. And you want to get it right—that means finding a high-quality and efficient mortuary services provider in an unfamiliar location while keeping costs as economical as possible for the family. 

You will need to engage the services of a local funeral home where the individual has died. Depending on the families wishes, the deceased may be cremated out-of-town or returned home for burial, cremation and other services. If remains need to travel by air, you will need to comply with an entirely separate set of rules and regulations while making flight arrangements—and trying to stay on the family’s budget.

All of this can make an already stressful situation more difficult for a family, as they worry about bringing their loved one home as well as what all of these unanticipated services will cost. This is where a trusted partner like National Mortuary Shipping can be invaluable. 

National Mortuary Shipping can handle all international and domestic mortuary shipping needs with ease. Whether death occurred abroad or a few blocks away from your funeral home, we make the experience as simple as possible. Our mortuary shipping specialists know how to navigate the complexities of an international shipping situation and understand the documents and paperwork required by law by both the U.S. and foreign countries before remains can be returned home.



  • We have a vetted network of funeral homes and mortuary service providers across the country and around the world.



  • We make an otherwise difficult situation more manageable for your funeral home so that you can focus on working with the family.

The next time a family has a loved one die far from home, you can turn to National Mortuary Shipping to meet their needs. We are here to help 24/7. 

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