5 Things You Can Do to Make Your Funeral Home More Innovative

April 5, 2019

It seems that innovation is the name of the game in almost every industry. But, that's not the case in the funeral industry - that's part of what makes this industry so great! The funeral industry serves a wide variety of people. While some are looking for traditional services, others are looking for innovative services. Everyone wants different things, and that's why it's great that there are different kinds of funeral homes. Traditional funeral homes are there to serve clients looking for traditional services. And, innovative homes serve those looking for innovative services. If you're looking to make your funeral more innovative, take try these 5 ideas:


  1. Adapt

    If you aren't offering green burial options, safer cremation techniques, easy-to-use web and smartphone apps, and outside-the-box graveside options, then consider doing so if you want to be a more innovative home. If you don't, you might be passed up by funeral homes that have a vision that includes an eye for change. Innovative homes lead by example, and when a new trend takes over the industry, they were on it before other homes even knew it existed!

  2. Provide long-term care

    A funeral lasts longer than a week. It's not just about the calling hours and graveside ceremony for the family. That is the beginning. To be an innovative funeral home, become a conduit for long-term care and therapy, providing families with contact information for counselors and estate planners that can help in those days after the family is gone and they are faced with the reality of getting things resolved. You are not just a funeral director. You are the main point of contact in the death industry for this family. Innovative funeral directors acknowledge this and provide care beyond the ceremony.

  3. Prepare for any situation

    Things don't always go as planned in the funeral industry. To be an innovative funeral director, you must be flexible when you oversee a service that can be impacted by so many variables. Become a funeral director is so good at managing variables that they become constants. Experience is key - once you've seen an issue come up a few times, you know how to handle it. But, it's also about the way you implement processes and procedures after you've experienced a unique situation. How do you adjust your business model to accommodate those unexpected scenarios so that you can handle them better when they come around again? Innovative funeral directors can repeat success in the face of adversity because they learn from shortcomings and turn them into successes.

  4. Delegate responsibility

    If you want it done right, do it yourself. No one knows your business like you do. Mantras like this play repeatedly in the minds of funeral directors every day, as they convince themselves that they must shoulder the burden and carry the heavy load. You hired the people around you for a reason. You hired the team around you because you thought that they had talent and could make an impact. You've got to rely on them to be able to perform the tasks you brought them in to do. You don't have to do it all. The operative word in your job title is "director." Just as a band director isn't expected to keep everyone on pitch and play the flute while keeping time on the drum set, you can't be expected to play all the roles necessary to make your funeral home your masterpiece. Innovative leaders can manage the efforts of others without performing their duties. If you can't do that, you are going to burn out fast and you could be doing more harm to your business than good.

  5. Get involved in the community

    Running a funeral home is not only a family business, it's a business about families. Your community is your extended family, and if you want to have long-term success, you've got to participate in the life of that family. A great funeral director is an extension of that community. You will become better at your job because you will understand the families that you serve better. When you are involved in the lives and activities of those who live near you, you will be better prepared to take care of them during the difficult times when they will come to you for help. Your job is to make tough situations as painless as possible, and familiarity will only help you with that process.

National Mortuary Shipping knows innovation in the mortuary industry. It doesn't come by accident, it comes through preparedness.You also don't have to achieve it on your own. NMS helps people every day. We can take tough situations for your funeral and make them opportunities for greatness. Tell us how NMS can help you today!


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