2 of the Worlds Most Reputable Shipping Firms Bet Over Sports for Charity

November 2, 2016
This year at the NFDA International Convention and Expo, MacKinnon & Bowes presented a check to National Mortuary Shipping and Cremation over a wager on the 2016 American League Championship Series between Toronto and Cleveland. As international neighbors separated by Lake Erie, these two companies enjoy making friendly wagers over their sports teams. Earlier this year they had a similar bet between the Toronto Raptors and the Cleveland Cavaliers. The terms of these bets are for the looser to make a donation in the winners name to the charity of choice. As Cleveland took the sports world by storm this year donations were made to the Edna House for Woman and Ronald McDonald House. As two of the largest shipping firms in North America, MacKinnon & Bowes, Ltd and National Mortuary Shipping and Cremation have worked together to assist funeral directors with all their shipping and cremation needs and are proud to pay it forward and help these worthy organizations.


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